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About Me

There are very few artists that are making their mark from such a young age, quite like Reese Warren. Young, fresh, and full of energy, this exciting new artist is currently bringing her moving melodies to the global stage. Her sound is unique and dripped in authenticity as she fuses an innocent delivery with insightful and thoughtful songwriting. The fun-filled youngster is currently known for her popular YouTube channel that showcases her day-to-day escapades spellbinding songs and covers. Hailing from Murrieta, CA but currently residing in the entertainment hub of LA, Reese is in the process of launching her career into the global stratosphere. Her fierce drive and careful commitment really put her leaps and bounds above in a field of ubiquitous emerging artists. She’s been working hard on developing her skills from an astoundingly young age. At eleven years old, she has an ability to deeply connect with her audience by passionately penning timeless tracks that pull on the heartstrings. Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, she has been working on her craft since she was just six years old. She picked up the guitar at the age of eight and started songs when she was ten. Reese hopes to one day be a globally recognized artist just like her idols. The kind of entertainer that people buy tickets to go and see on tour. Her fun, quirky attitude gives her an irresistibly infectious charm that’s impossible not to connect to – a boundless energy that can only come from youth. With such a promising career already at just eleven, it’s easy to see that we’ll be hearing a lot more of Reese Warren in the future.

Reese works with an amazing artist to create all of her merch. Every design is original art work. Take a lot and see what fits your style!